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Diagnostic Evaluations

Psychological testing and assessments  are tools used to help a psychologist diagnose a client and guide the client through the most effective treatment.  There are many reasons a psychologist may administer psychological tests and assessments. These tests help a psychologist understand if the client may have issues in the areas of anger management, personality or interpersonal skills that may be effecting their  relationships, their productivity at school or the work place  and their general happiness.

Educational Testing

Testing completed by the school provider may not accurately reflect the student's level of functioning given a possible bias against qualifying a student for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services or placing a child into a gifted program.  Both of these require additional services, time, and funding which is often not encouraged by the school.  In addition, some children may have attention deficits or emotional issues which may be mistaken as a learning or intellectual disability.  It is imperative that children are diagnosed correctly in order for them to receive the appropriate academic placement and interventions.  For the past 25 years Dr. Costanza has been conducting evaluations of Learning Disabilities, processing problems, intellectual deficiencies, attentional problems, and other emotional issues that may present as a learning disorder.

Vocational Testing

Vocational testing evaluates an individual's cognitive and behavioral abilities as they relate to employment or post secondary training. Testing is usually completed at the request of a vocational counselor who uses the results to assist in an appropriate job placement and remediation strategies if necessary.  Dr. Costanza is a vender for Vocational Rehabilitation and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. 

Forensic Evaluations

Forensic evaluations are used for many reasons where the law intersects with psychology.  There are many areas in the legal system that may require a trained forensic psychologist to evaluate a client.  Worker compensation, disability insurance, personal injury and social security are some non-criminal needs for a psychologist to become involved in a legal case.  A psychologist may be asked to evaluate a criminal defendant in order to determine if they are competent to stand trail.  There are many other instances that a forensic psychologist may be asked to evaluate a client.  Dr. Costanza is a Certified Forensic Examiner and has been providing forensic services for over 20 years within the 15th Judicial Circuit and throughout Florida.  To learn more about the forensic services Dr. Costanza provides, click on the link below.

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