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Insurance   Accepted





Blue Cross Blue Shield


Florida Blue



United Health Care


Many plans include benefits for out -of-network providers.  Please check your insurance plan to verify your coverage.

Although I am an in-network provider for most major insurance companies there are a few important issues you may wish to consider before deciding to use your health insurance benefits for psychological services.  The expectation of confidentiality will be compromised as the insurance company will have access to your records including the date, times,​ and personal information contained in your record.  Insurance companies may limit the number of sessions allowed per calendar year and will often have a deductible that must be met before benefits are paid.  Some plans may require pre-certification before your initial visit or require periodic review in order to authorize further visits.  Furthermore, plan benefits are not guaranteed, and insurance payments are determined at the time a claim is submitted and reviewed.  ​

Should you choose to utilize your insurance benefits I will file all the necessary paperwork for the claim.  I usually have a contracted rate with the insurance companies, and you will be responsible for all co-payments, deductibles or other amounts associated with services rendered that are not paid by the insurance company.  I do not accept insurance benefits for psychological testing, psycho-educational evaluation, or forensic psychological services.


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