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Services Available

Cl​inical Services


Clinical services include, but are not limited to,  individual and group therapy, and couples/marriage counseling.  Psychotherapy is designed to alleviate symptoms or undesirable factors that negatively impact an individual's relationships and overall quality of life.   Dr. Costanza provides therapy grounded in psychodynamic theory and tailored to an individual's unique needs using evidenced - based interventions and techniques for adults and adolescents.

Forensic Services


Forensic psychology is the application of the practice and science of clinical psychology to questions and issues relating to law and those involved with the legal system.  The practice of forensic psychology involves investigations, research studies, evaluations, consultation and expert witness testimony.  Dr. Costanza is a forensic examiner and certified sex offender treatment specialist and has been providing expert evaluations and testimony for the 15th Judicial Circuit and private attorneysfor the past 24 years.

Scott Costanza, Psy.D, (CORTE Program)

Diagnostic Evaluations


Psychological evaluations involve the use of tests and other assessment tools to help diagnosis and guide treatment.  These tests are often used when an adult, child or adolescent is having behavioral, social, or academic problems in order to diagnose a learning disorder, an attention deficit, or emotional problems such as anxiety or depression.  Psychological testing is utilized in both a clinical and forensic setting.

Supervision For Licensure

Clinical supervision is crucial to the future success of the up-and-coming practitioner,  A skilled supervisor will help guide a new therapist through the steps to understand how to transform their academic knowledge into real-life interventions to improve others lives for the better.  Dr. Costanza is a qualified supervisor and available to supervisor Post-Doctoral Residents or Mental Health Counselors who require hours for licensure.  For the past 20 years Dr. Costanza has been in charge of the Residency Training Program and the AAPIC approved Psychology Internship Program at C.O.R.T.E. in addition to providing training and supervision to practicum students from local Universities.


Executive Services

Executives and entrepreneurs often present with different demands in order for them to reach the success they hope to achieve or enhance their performance in their organization.  The unique position and characteristics that an executive possesses can lead to particular issues that may affect their business performance and personal life.  Working with a psychologist who is trained to help the executive gain self-awareness, clarify their goals and unlock their potential will likely be an investment that an individual or organization will find to be well worth the effort.  Dr. Costanza helps his clients establish skills so they can see their future path more clearly.  He helps guides his clients to build a strategic plan to ensure growth and increase profitability while finding balance in their lives.



Telepsychology offers many benefits to clients such as increased access to therapy and more flexibility for scheduling.  Many people may delay needed therapy due to various reasons such as transportation issues, physical or medical disabilities, or just a hectic life style.  Telepsychology also allows the client to choose a therapist who may not be available locally but one that specializes or offers services that the client requires.  Dr. Costanza offers the convenience of telepsychology to his clients in a confidential manner via phone or web cam.

"Don't let your struggle become your identity."

Dr. Costanza has been providing comprehensive clinical and forensic psychological services for individuals and agencies in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas since 1996.  A convenient Boca Raton location and confidential telehealth option provides his clien​ts greater flexibility with scheduling in a warm, welcoming and professional environment.  Dr. Costanza's singular goal is to provide the highest quality of care to his clients.

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